Visit Nepal 2020

The Visit Nepal 2020 campaign was scheduled in 2018 to promote that Nepal was a safe place to travel and only 12 of 75 districts were affected by the earthquake. The crawling upgrading activity of Tribhuwan International Airport and delayed construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport in Lumbini and improper transportation infrastructure led the Tourism Board to postpone the campaign to 2020.

A creating, landlocked nation arranged in South Asia, this nation is an encapsulation of common excellence and geological variety. A trekker’s heaven and a daredevil dream work out; Nepal is a nation with a clamoring, warm and inviting populace of individuals, flourishing to build up the nation with salary created essentially through tourism. Nepal is a window ornament of beautiful petition banners and the place that is known for brilliant sanctuaries. Beguiling slope towns, wilderness untamed life; high pinnacles are the essential traits of this nation.

7 Reasons to Visit Nepal 2020 

  • Origin of Gautam Buddha
  • Mount Everest –Top of the World
  • Wild tourism and Boating in Nepal
  • Religious areas
  • Trekking and Climbing
  • Safe country
  • Verities of Tourism Activities